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What is computer software, its types and Why We Use Software?

Software -:

Computer programs that require hardware to run. The software is called a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. The software is also known as a drawing force or program. Without software, the computer would be just like a well-made electronic device and circuits. However, hardware refers to the total number of components of the computer.


An example of computer software and hardware is a cloth-making machine and wool or thread for it. That we cannot manufacture cloth from the machine until the thread is inserted in the machine. So even with hardware, we cannot get any benefit unless it has the software.

Types of Computer Software

There are two major types of software:

  • System software
  • Application software

(1) System software – :

System software controls the performance of the computer. In addition, it controls the functions of various devices, such as monitors, monitors, and storage devices. Also known as hardware and warranty software. The operating system is an example of this. Some functions are designed to control the operation of a computing system. The set of programs that execute these functions is called system software.

(2) Application software-

Application software or application software are the packages or programs that are used in the system software. Navigation packages and more.

Mainly, the categories of software are classified by their functions. There are two main types of it in this regard. The first type is called system software. Others are called application software. The task of the management software is to perform the basic functions of the calculation. Packages or programs that are written in or used in the System Software. Examples of application software such as word processors, spreadsheets, data management systems, drafting, and communication packages are some.

For Example,

When we are about to start running a computer, it performs all kinds of steps, from the state of the computer to the preparation for its work. In addition, it is his responsibility to contact different parts (devices), to work with them. There are two other main types. The first type is the operating system, the operating system, and the second type is the device driver. The task of tactics is to show computer parts by creating an artificial machine that everyone can easily use. Instrumental stimulation is usually enabled by connecting external parts to a computer. While the software used is to perform all tasks other than the first type of task. Examples include using the web, listening to songs, playing games, email, office work, computing, etc. There are numerous types depending on the nature of its work. Such as web type, song type (multimedia), contact type, computation type, etc. So every job has its own kind. In addition, another type of software is called programming language, language-ready software. His job is to develop both of the above types.

The Difference Between Computer Hardware And Software.

Computer systems have many types in terms of size, shape, speed, performance, efficiency, cost, and applications. We can divide a computer system into two distinct parts, called hardware and software.

Computer Hardware

Hardware is the total composition of a computer. That is, the devices we can touch with hands that carry weight, take up space, and be in the solid-state are called hardware, For example, keyboard, mouse, CPU, monitor, printer, scanner and speaker, medium, etc.

Computer Software

Computer programs that require hardware to run. Software is called – a set of instructions that tells the computer what to do. For example, DOS, Windows, MS Office, In Page.

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