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What is the Use of Word Press Software?

In simple words, we can say that “Word Press” is software created by the “Diana Mac Website” in partnership with the PHP Web programming language and MySQL database. Understand that if anyone wants to create their little web site or a multinational company is the cheapest but free and easiest source on a huge dynamic website, Word Press, the Internet. The press describes all the steps needed to create a dynamic website.

Website Designing

Students should know that the website has some rules, rules, and regulations. Basically, every website includes the following: HTML language, CSS to beautify web pages, Watching a free tutorial from YouTube can make you a teacher who can teach you with a huge fee, so why can’t you learn from that same YouTube yourself ???

How to Convert and Edit Videos

Converting a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation to a video is not a difficult task. Since this may require many users and there are dozens of third-party software available, Microsoft has added a feature in PowerPoint 2010 that allows presentations to be saved as a WMV video file. All the accessories included in the presentation, including animations and audio, are also included in the video. If a video is included in the presentation, it is also included in the WMV video.

To convert a presentation to video via PowerPoint 2010, click on Save & Send from the File menu, and then select Create a video from the options on the right. Different video options will be offered to you, including video quality, size, and more. Select the options you need. This choice of options will directly affect the file size of the video. Currently, PowerPoint only supports WMV video formats. However, this is not a problem as it is not difficult to convert a file from this format to other video formats, and software is generally available.

Presentations of older versions can also be easily changed in the video if you don’t have PowerPoint 2010 available. You will need third party software for this. Here is some free software:

  • Power DVD point light
  • EM Free PowerPoint Video Converter
  • Xilisoft PowerPoint to Video Converter

Can you Convert Your Video Online

In addition, you can convert your PowerPoint presentation to video for free through the online service if you wish. A great website for this is AuthStream is actually a slide sharing website, but it can also be used to convert a presentation into a video. At most, one gigabyte of file can be uploaded to the stream, and only 50 presentations can be uploaded to the free account. You can earn money by applying a few effects on voice editing. Remember I also saw $ 10,000 price in the freelancing market to improve voice over and voice quality.

What do You Tubers use to Edit Their Videos?

In addition, as you continue to create videos with consistency, YouTube’s algorithm will add you to the Category E category and begin to customize your video. The watch time, title, tag, and thumbnail will look similar to each other’s cousins, i.e. the biggest mistake YouTubeists make is putting the wrong tag, which is a violation of YouTube’s law metadata. For which your channel is shipped in a sandbox for 3 months, meaning you do not know that your view subscribers have stopped coming. You can earn by creating voiceover arts by creating small local business aids. I had 2000 rupees.

Monetize millions by making a voiceover over a YouTube Discovery Channel video of 1 minute advertising. People take the voiceover a lot. Although this is a huge field, there are all voice over artists working on the radio and this is huge art. Which people value less? You can also earn by doing voice overs. After 30 videos you will begin to master the tailoring story. You can also earn by making a video on the story or writing for someone. After 30 videos you can start earning decent living through client video editing.

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