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Graphics Designing As Career

Large areas of software development

There are three major software development platforms in the domestic and international market, with a lot of work to do. These include desktop software development, web software development and mobile phone application development.

Desktop Applications Development:

It refers to the creation of software that can be used on desktop computers, such as a company account, payroll system, school / college management system, library management system, and so on. Any software you use in your computer, such as Microsoft Office, etc., these are called desktop applications. Desktop applications are generally designed for a specific operating system (Windows, Macintosh, Linux, etc.), but desktop applications can also be designed to work on multiple operating systems.

There are unlimited opportunities in the industry for graphic designers, development opportunities for professionals specializing in graphics in various advertising agencies, production houses, newspapers and magazines, and media centers. Not only are women entering the field specializing in modern techno logistics, but advertising agencies and production houses across the country are also offering graphic designers an attractive salary and benefits package.

Which Business To Start With Low Capital?

Women who are trained in graphic design can also earn a living by working on various projects at home. Different companies run advertising campaigns for the launch of their products and services. In this regard, they are hiring graphic designers for designing advertising material. This is how Graphic Professionals are gaining suitable employment either by affiliating with any organization or working at the individual level as a Free Lancer.

Demand for designing professionals, globally and internationally, is increasing day by day, leading to the shift of electronic and print media to modern and digital technology. New technology in print media with new technology, On the other hand, there is a growing trend of Animation Movies in the field of electronic media, especially in dramas, films, and advertisements, making the field of the graphic design industry.

Web Applications Development

Web applications are types of software that run on browsers. The beauty of such software is that it can be used on almost any kind of machine, i.e., desktop, tablet, smartphone, and so on. The reason for this is that they are browser-based. These applications work on any machine that has a browser installed.

They are considered much better than desktop applications, as web applications are capable of working on all kinds of operating systems (Windows, Mac OS, and Linux) and machines (computers/phones/tablets). ۔

The positive impact of the Internet on Software Field

Its market is very wide. Almost all major websites, especially dynamic websites, need people who can develop web applications for them, or any pre-existing web application can be customized for them. Adapt to your needs.

Most of the tasks for web application development are ‘HTML’, ‘XML’, ‘PHP’, ‘CSS’, ‘JavaScript’, and ‘JavaScript’ (‘JavaScript’). SQL).

Mobile Application Development:

The various types of functions that we use within mobile phones, and especially the applications we use in smartphones, are called ‘mobile phone application development.’ This market is dominated by Google’s ‘Android’ operating system. You should specialize in Java or C-Plus for app development. Other important players in this field are Apple’s iOS operating system, which is now being used on the iPad and Apple TV after the iPhone. Need expertise in Objective-C.

There are many programming languages used for desktop development, including high demand for Microsoft’s .NET, Visual Studio, Java, and C, C languages. People specializing in desktop applications can also develop software programs that work on specific machines, such as telephone exchanges, software inside the photocopying machine / printer, which do only one specific task. ۔ Such software is called ’embedded software’.

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